We will represent you for no fee. We receive only our commission on the sale, paid by the lender. We earn this commission only if we are successful in negotiating with your lender and receive their short sale approval.

If you choose to apply for a short sale of your property, we will represent you through the entire process and transaction. This includes negotiating with your lender to discount the loan and gain approval for the short sale. We will advise you on preparing the property for sale and manage all details of the marketing, sale negotiations and closing.

Our Short Sale Process

Step by step, we bring short sales to a successful close, delivering a win-win solution to all parties.

  1. If a short sale is the best option for you, we ask you to sign the authorization with the listing agreement with us. Then we gather the necessary documentation for your short sale package.
  2. We recommend no-cost improvements to make your property as marketable as possible.
  3. We market your property as laid out in the action plan and timeline.
  4. We present to you all offers for the purchase of your property. An offer must be accepted by you as the seller, and is subject to lender approval.
  5. We open escrow for you with a knowledgeable title company experienced in short sales to ensure successful and timely completion of details.
  6. We submit the short sale package to the lender on your behalf. Then we work through all the negotiations to secure a discounted payoff and short sale approval from your lender in a timely manner.
  7. When we receive a short sale approval, we advise you of your closing arrangements.
  8. We close escrow by successfully completing all short sale negotiations

Our complete short sales process takes up to 3-4 months.

Lender approval typically takes 30-60 days from the time the offer is submitted, and varies with lenders. Once the short sale has been approved, 30 days is given to close escrow.

We offer our representation at no-fee. Our only remuneration is a commission on the sale of the home, paid by the lender at the close of escrow.

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I have never met a realtor as competent, compassionate, dependable and committed as Ildiko Pali.”

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