Talking Gets the Ball Moving and Starts Your Healing

We understand it can be difficult to talk about your problems. However, your conversation with us can be a step forward in resolving your situation and your emotional healing.

We will talk confidentially with you to gain an understanding of your situation and your wishes about your property. Is it your goal to retain ownership of your home? Do you feel that getting out of your mortgage will resolve your problems? Working from your expressed desires and financial situation, we will investigate your best available options.

In preparation for our conversation, it is helpful to review Your Options on this site. We will talk with you more in depth about these options and answer your questions. Most importantly, we will ask you to share your desires and wishes about staying in your home, and the life circumstances that have brought you to the brink of foreclosure.

Your Preparation

To help you prepare for this phone conversation, approximately, one hour in length, here is some technical information to gather:

  1. What are the names on the title of the mortgage?
  2. What is your property address?
  3. Have you received a Notice of Default? If so, what is the date on the notice?
  4. What is listed as the value of your home?
  5. What are the names of the lender on your mortgage? Second mortgage? Third mortgage?
  6. What is the amount of money you are delinquent to each of the lenders?
  7. What is your property tax?
  8. Do you have any HOA dues? If so what is the contact for your HOA?
  9. Are there any judgments against your property? Or tax liens? If so, what is the contact for your IRS or franchise tax agent?
  10. What is your annual household income?

At the end of the conversation, we will schedule a face-to-face meeting for presenting our recommended action plan.

We are here to help

I have never met a realtor as competent, compassionate, dependable and committed as Ildiko Pali.”

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