Options for Selling Your Home

If you ready to sell your house and move forward in your life, you may consider the options listed in this section, and asking us to help determine your eligibility for them.

The following are short summaries of your options for selling your home. Please click the titles to review them in depth...

Sell with Equity
We will strategize the necessary preparations for taking the house to market with the goal of your gaining the highest return possible. To protect your cash flow, we will recommend actions requiring the least amount of upfront money, including low or no-cost actions if you are experiencing financial hardship.

Short Sale
A short sale is selling a home for less than the balance owed to the lender. This is an excellent option for avoiding foreclosure if the balance you owe on the property is greater than the property’s value today.

Deed in Lieu
The homeowner transfers ownership of the property back to the lender. When the lender sells the home, the lender will receive a portion or all of the balance the homeowner owes on the mortgage note.

We like to say that foreclosure is only for homeowners who don’t understand their options. But, there are some exceptions in which foreclosure is the best option.

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Ildiko and Kate’s honest, hard and supportive work during the many months was incredible. This has brought me such peace of mind. Finally, I am able to breathe.”

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