Selling Your Home with Equity

Our team will represent you through all phases of the sale, including negotiations with the lender for extensions of your foreclosure until closing the sale. Our goal is to reduce your stress and deliver a closing that brings you the greatest return while protecting your assets.

Life’s transitions and challenges — especially in a downturn economy — often result in the need to sell your home. These transitions can come in the form of job loss or relocation, financial hardship, family expansion, family downsizing, retirement, divorce and relationship dissolution, death and illness. If you have built equity in your Bay Area home, you likely have a marketable property that will generate investment return.

The key is identifying the best way to position the property for sale and following a strategic plan for marketing.

Our team of experts can build a marketing plan based on your dreams and wishes, your financial situation and timeline, and the value of your home. We will strategize the necessary preparations for taking the house to market with the goal of your gaining the highest return possible. To protect your cash flow, we will recommend actions requiring the least amount of upfront money, including low or no-cost actions if you are experiencing financial hardship. We have a network of quality, best-price contractors ready to work on your behalf.

We are here to help

Ildiko and Kate’s honest, hard and supportive work during the many months was incredible. This has brought me such peace of mind. Finally, I am able to breathe.”

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