We are proud of our track record of helping Bay Area homeowners become free of their financial burden and to move forward in life. Here are a few of our success stories.

A young Berkeley family was thrown into financial hardship when the husband lost his job and was unemployed for 20 months. The family attempted loan modifications for 2 years, but was denied by the lender. As their representative, Real Estate Asset Protection was able to successfully negotiate... Read more

With a job transfer, a single mother with 2 children chose to lease an apartment closer to work to avoid the 2-hour commute. Unable to sell her condo because the mortgage was higher than the value, she decided to rent out her property. But the rental income did not cover the mortgage. She... Read more

Anna, a young woman in her 20s, lost her job while caring for her ill father in the home he owned. After her father passed away, she was unable to continue the mortgage payments. We were able to able to convert the pending foreclosure into a short sale. This enabled her to spend one last... Read more

A San Francisco attorney, still able to pay his mortgage despite financial hardship and negative equity, tried to negotiate a loan modification on his condo in the Mission District. After a year and a half of fighting the bank’s maze of bureaucracy, he resorted to a short sale. Real Estate Asset... Read more


We are here to help

The only truly happy people are those who have found a cause greater than themselves to live for. My mission is to help homeowners gain a benefit and avoid a loss in foreclosure.”

Ildiko Pali, Broker/Owner