Favorable Short Sale Positions Family for New Home Purchase

A young Berkeley family was thrown into financial hardship when the husband lost his job and was unemployed for 20 months. The family attempted loan modifications for 2 years, but was denied by the lender. As their representative, Real Estate Asset Protection was able to successfully negotiate terms with the lender, including the difficult tasks of releasing a lien and waiving the deficiency. We managed their favorable successful short sale in 2009.

Very few realtors can practice the patient urgency required in a challenging short sale. Ildiko worked relentlessly with the bank to ensure we did not face any unexpected obstacles, and the small ones that surfaced, she managed strategically. This of course is all due to her depth of experience in conducting these transactions.

“Ildiko also worked well with our buyer, providing the support an anxious buyer needs during this process. This ensured that all parties practiced patience because we knew the challenges were being effectively managed and resolved. 

“We closed in a 4-month period, settling favorably. Now, only 18 months later, with some economic recovery and a favorable outcome, we are in a position to purchase again.”

Rosanna, mother of 2 in Oakland

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