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Do you want to stay in your home? Are you ready to sell your home and move forward in your life? We create realistic action plans based on your goals and financial situation.

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We offer focused consultation to help homeowners identify their best possible course of action for avoiding foreclosure. Even when a homeowner receives a “Notice of Default” from the lender, we can stop the foreclosure process and offer alternatives to save the homeowner’s property, credit and tax dollars. For homeowners suffering financial hardship and unable to make mortgage payments, we serve as their advocate in negotiating with lenders.

Short Sale Representation

Take charge of your situation—sell your home before the bank does.

For homeowners not eligible for refinancing or a loan modification, a short sale enables them to become unburdened by an unaffordable mortgage.

Short sales present a relief to over-
burdened homeowners by allowing them to move forward with the most untarnished credit rating and minimal losses possible. They have sufficient time to choose the most comfortable and affordable place for relocation, and preserve their credit standing for a home purchase in the future when they are ready.

We represent the homeowner in the entire short sale transaction, including negotiating with the lender to discount the loan and accept the terms of the short sale. We manage the foreclosure timeline, all the details of property marketing, sale negotiations and closing.

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Ildiko worked relentlessly with the bank to ensure we did not face any unexpected obstacles, and the small ones that surfaced, she managed strategically."

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