Ildiko Pali

The only truly happy people are those who have found a cause greater than themselves to live for. My mission is to help homeowners gain a benefit and avoid a loss in foreclosure.”  -- Ildiko Pali

Since 1975, Ildiko has helped thousands of Bay Area residents protect their precious real estate assets. Just as she has experienced in her own life, the unforeseen can quickly move a homeowner into uncertainty. After successfully avoiding her own potential foreclosure and expanding her knowledge and resources, in 1995 she became dedicated to helping others avoid foreclosure.

Ildiko has become one of the Bay Area’s most skilled and successful homeowner advocates and realtors. A true expert in short sale transactions — finding solutions

Licensed realtor/broker by the State of California

Certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist SRES® by the National Association of Realtors

where everybody wins — she has been at the heart of a wide range of negotiations and transactions. She is a skilled strategist and tough negotiator. She never takes “no” for an answer, even if she has to go as high as the president of the bank to get a “yes.”

Ildiko has helped expand the field of foreclosure advocacy by conducting trainings for nonprofit organizations, realtors and business roundtables throughout the Bay Area. Her real estate expertise is deepened by her background in counseling, finance and engineering. Her win-win approach to problem solving has garnered the respect and admiration of lenders and brokers, as well as homebuyers throughout the Bay Area.

Kate Fomina

“I feel the greatest satisfaction when I can help a regular homeowner protect their assets from a large institution.”
— Kate Fomina

Kate is a dedicated fighter for the rights of homeowners. Her desire to stand up for homeowners was forged by her adolescence in Belarus, where freedom of speech and the pursuit of truth are not inalienable rights. With a background in foreign language and international relations, she immigrated on her own to the U.S. She entered the field of residential real estate, all the while perfecting her communications and business skills. Today, she is a leading advocate in the Bay Area for homeowners in financial jeopardy. Kate is an expert at documentation and the volume of paperwork necessary for moving lenders to accepting short sales. A tough negotiator, she successfully argues on behalf of homeowners. 

Licensed realtor by the State of California

Trusted Experts

The complexity of foreclosure often requires the assistance of specialists. We are honored to partner with experts who share our values and commitment to homeowner advocacy.

We continue to refine our treasury of trusted, local experts in the following areas:

  • Tax advisors and CPAs
  • Loan modification specialists
  • Financial advisors
  • Bankruptcy attorneys
  • Estate planners
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Couples mediators
  • Credit repair experts

Together, we can offer homeowners facing foreclosure a complete scope of resources.

We are here to help

Ildiko worked relentlessly with the bank to ensure we did not face any unexpected obstacles, and the small ones that surfaced, she managed strategically."

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