The only truly happy people are those who have found a cause greater than themselves to live for. My mission is to help homeowners gain a benefit and avoid a loss in foreclosure.”

Ildiko Pali, Broker/Owner

Advocates for Homeowners

More and more Bay Area homeowners are experiencing financial hardship in this challenging economy. Many struggle with high mortgage payments and negative equity. An increasing number face foreclosure. If you are living this nightmare, you know what it is to feel paralyzed with fear. 

Facing foreclosure?
Please do not make any decisions, move out of your home, list with a realtor, sign any agreements, pay anyone money or file bankruptcy — until you learn about your options.

The good news is that you do have options for avoiding foreclosure and moving forward in your life. We are local people, here to help you understand your options and guide you toward the best possible outcome.

Helping Bay Area homeowners avoid foreclosure has been our specialty since 1995.

Experts with a Heart for Service

  • Foreclosure specialists since 1995
  • Expert knowledge of short sale process, lender requirements and Bay Area real estate
  • Locally owned and operated in San Francisco
  • Help people simplify their lives and eliminate stress
  • Help retirees reorganize for their next phase

We are here to help

Ildiko worked relentlessly with the bank to ensure we did not face any unexpected obstacles, and the small ones that surfaced, she managed strategically."

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